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Chilltime Productions services is designed to assist in the pre-production, production and post production needs of creative artist, filmmakers and producers with extremely low budgets. Our goal is to aid in completing your artistic vision at a highly affordable price. Chilltime Productions Pre-Production services utilizes broadcast quality production equipment and "industry standard" editing and special effects software.



Demo Reels $150 Includes 5 DVD'S - reel must be under 10 minutes
Short and feature film editing $40 Per edited finished minute
Trailers $550   Flat rate under 3 minutes   
Shorts, feature film production $800 Per 12 hour day. includes small crew and equipment
Commercials or Industrials $1000 Per 12 hour day. Includes small crew and equipment
30 Sec. Spot Editing   $550 Flat rate
Screenplay Pre-Production Service $250 per week
Additional per day for a Director $300  
Additional per day for a Director of photography $200  
Additional per day for a lighting kit $70  
Additional per day for additional crew $70  


We provide pre-production services to get you started with your movie, commercial, or corporate production.

From concept to treatment to script, we can help you with your endeavors.


Included in the package:
  • Treatment Analysis
  • Scriptwriting
  • Character Breakdown
  • Scene Breakdown
  • Final Draft and PDF Files
  • Concept Structure
  • Final Script Structure
  • Script Coverage
  • Production Schedule
  • 10 Copies of Script